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Word Parsed:
Parts of Speech:Adjective M/F Pl.
כְּ + אֵלֶּה
Strong's Number:H421, H422, H423, H424, H425, H426, H427, H428, H429
Infinitive Definition:1. (Qal) to lament,
   wail 1. to swear, curse
  a. (Qal) 1. to
   swear, take an oath...
1. oath
2. oath of covenant
3. curse 1. terebinth, terebinth tree
2. valley where David killed Goliath Elah = "An oak"
1. an Edomite chief
2. a king of Israel for two years,1. god, God
  a. god, heathen deity
  b. God (of1. oak
2. terebinth 1. these
  a. used before antecedent
  b. used following antecedent1. these

First occurrence in each book: