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Genesis 21

21:1 And Jehovah hath looked after Sarah as He hath said, and Jehovah doth to Sarah as He hath spoken; 21:2 and Sarah conceiveth, and beareth a son to Abraham, to his old age, at the appointed time that God hath spoken of with him; 21:3 and Abraham calleth the name of his son who is born to him, whom Sarah hath born to him--Isaac; 21:4 and Abraham circumciseth Isaac his son, [being] a son of eight days, as God hath commanded him. 21:5 And Abraham [is] a son of a hundred years in Isaac his son being born to him, 21:6 and Sarah saith, `God hath made laughter for me; every one who is hearing laugheth for me.' 21:7 She saith also, `Who hath said to Abraham, Sarah hath suckled sons, that I have born a son for his old age' 21:8 And the lad groweth, and is weaned, and Abraham maketh a great banquet in the day of Isaac's being weaned;  21:9 and Sarah seeth the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she hath borne to Abraham, mocking, 21:10 and she saith to Abraham, `Cast out this handmaid and her son; for the son of this handmaid hath no possession with my son--with Isaac.' 21:11 And the thing is very wrong in the eyes of Abraham, for his son's sake; 21:12 and God saith unto Abraham, `Let it not be wrong in thine eyes because of the youth, and because of thy handmaid: all that Sarah saith unto thee--hearken to her voice, for in Isaac is a seed called to thee. 21:13 As to the son of the handmaid also, for a nation I set him, because he [is] thy seed.'  21:14 And Abraham riseth early in the morning, and taketh bread, and a bottle of water, and giveth unto Hagar (placing [it] on her shoulder), also the lad, and sendeth her out; and she goeth on, and goeth astray in the wilderness of Beer-Sheba; 21:15 and the water is consumed from the bottle, and she placeth the lad under one of the shrubs. 21:16 And she goeth and sitteth by herself over-against, afar off, about a bow-shot, for she said, `Let me not look on the death of the lad;' and she sitteth over-against, and lifteth up her voice, and weepeth. 21:17 And God heareth the voice of the youth; and the messenger of God calleth unto Hagar from the heavens, and saith to her, `What to thee, Hagar fear not; for God hath hearkened unto the voice of the youth where he [is] ; 21:18 rise, lift up the youth, and lay hold on him with thy hand, for for a great nation I set him.' 21:19 And God openeth her eyes, and she seeth a well of water, and she goeth and filleth the bottle [with] water, and causeth the youth to drink; 21:20 and God is with the youth, and he groweth, and dwelleth in the wilderness, and is an archer; 21:21 and he dwelleth in the wilderness of Paran, and his mother taketh for him a wife from the land of Egypt.  21:22 And it cometh to pass at that time that Abimelech speaketh--Phichol also, head of his host--unto Abraham, saying, `God [is] with thee in all that thou art doing; 21:23 and now, swear to me by God here: thou dost not lie to me, or to my continuator, or to my successor; according to the kindness which I have done with thee thou dost with me, and with the land in which thou hast sojourned.' 21:24 And Abraham saith, `I--I do swear.' 21:25 And Abraham reasoned with Abimelech concerning the matter of a well of water which Abimelech's servants have taken violently away, 21:26 and Abimelech saith, `I have not known who hath done this thing, and even thou didst not declare to me, and I also, I have not heard save to-day.' 21:27 And Abraham taketh sheep and oxen, and giveth to Abimelech, and they make, both of them, a covenant; 21:28 and Abraham setteth seven Lambs of the flock by themselves. 21:29 And Abimelech saith unto Abraham, `What [are] they--these seven lambs which thou hast set by themselves' 21:30 And he saith, `For--the seven lambs thou dost accept from my hand, so that it becometh a witness for me that I have digged this well;' 21:31 therefore hath he called that place `Beer-Sheba,' for there have both of them sworn. 21:32 And they make a covenant in Beer-Sheba, and Abimelech riseth--Phichol also, head of his host--and they turn back unto the land of the Philistines;  21:33 and [Abraham] planteth a tamarisk in Beer-Sheba, and preacheth there in the name of Jehovah, God age-during; 21:34 and Abraham sojourneth in the land of the Philistines many days. 

Young's Literal Translation - Public Domain