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Job 11

11:1 And Zophar the Naamathite answereth and saith: -- 11:2 Is a multitude of words not answered And is a man of lips justified 11:3 Thy devices make men keep silent, Thou scornest, and none is causing blushing! 11:4 And thou sayest, `Pure [is] my discourse, And clean I have been in Thine eyes.' 11:5 And yet, O that God had spoken! And doth open His lips with thee. 11:6 And declare to thee secrets of wisdom, For counsel hath foldings. And know thou that God forgetteth for thee, [Some] of thine iniquity.  11:7 By searching dost thou find out God Unto perfection find out the Mighty One 11:8 Heights of the heavens! --what dost thou Deeper than Sheol! --what knowest thou 11:9 Longer than earth [is] its measure, And broader than the sea. 11:10 If He pass on, and shut up, and assemble, Who then dost reverse it 11:11 For he hath known men of vanity, And He seeth iniquity, And one doth not consider [it] ! 11:12 And empty man is bold, And the colt of a wild ass man is born.  11:13 If thou--thou hast prepared thy heart, And hast spread out unto Him thy hands, 11:14 If iniquity [is] in thy hand, put it far off, And let not perverseness dwell in thy tents. 11:15 For then thou liftest up thy face from blemish, And thou hast been firm, and fearest not. 11:16 For thou dost forget misery, As waters passed away thou rememberest. 11:17 And above the noon doth age rise, Thou fliest--as the morning thou art. 11:18 And thou hast trusted because their is hope, And searched--in confidence thou liest down, 11:19 And thou hast rested, And none is causing trembling, And many have entreated thy face; 11:20 And the eyes of the wicked are consumed, And refuge hath perished from them, And their hope [is] a breathing out of soul! 

Young's Literal Translation - Public Domain