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Psalm 103

103:1 By David. Bless, O my soul, Jehovah, And all my inward parts--His Holy Name. 103:2 Bless, O my soul, Jehovah, And forget not all His benefits, 103:3 Who is forgiving all thine iniquities, Who is healing all thy diseases, 103:4 Who is redeeming from destruction thy life, Who is crowning thee--kindness and mercies, 103:5 Who is satisfying with good thy desire, Renew itself as an eagle doth thy youth.  103:6 Jehovah is doing righteousness and judgments For all the oppressed. 103:7 He maketh known His ways to Moses, To the sons of Israel His acts. 103:8 Merciful and gracious [is] Jehovah, Slow to anger, and abundant in mercy. 103:9 Not for ever doth He strive, Nor to the age doth He watch. 103:10 Not according to our sins hath He done to us, Nor according to our iniquities Hath He conferred benefits upon us. 103:11 For, as the height of the heavens [is] above the earth, His kindness hath been mighty over those fearing Him. 103:12 As the distance of east from west He hath put far from us our transgressions. 103:13 As a father hath mercy on sons, Jehovah hath mercy on those fearing Him. 103:14 For He hath known our frame, Remembering that we [are] dust. 103:15 Mortal man! as grass [are] his days, As a flower of the field so he flourisheth; 103:16 For a wind hath passed over it, and it is not, And its place doth not discern it any more. 103:17 And the kindness of Jehovah [Is] from age even unto age on those fearing Him, And His righteousness to sons' sons, 103:18 To those keeping His covenant, And to those remembering His precepts to do them.  103:19 Jehovah in the heavens Hath established His throne, And His kingdom over all hath ruled. 103:20 Bless Jehovah, ye His messengers, Mighty in power--doing His word, To hearken to the voice of His Word. 103:21 Bless Jehovah, all ye His hosts, His ministers--doing His pleasure. 103:22 Bless Jehovah, all ye His works, In all places of His dominion. Bless, O my soul, Jehovah! 

Young's Literal Translation - Public Domain